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Meet Allison

image of the front cover of the Allison's book

Allison, a 9-year-old girl who was adopted by her grandmother, wrote and illustrated a wonderful book, "Life is Sweet," about her life. Please flip through it on your desktop or download the ebook format to your mobile device.

Also be sure to read her grandmother's guest blog post about Allison's history and adoption.

The Sakales Family

The Sakales Family

Christen and her husband Michael fulfilled their long-held dream of adoption when they brought four-year old Lamaya into their lives. Christen recalls first seeing her future-daughter’s face in the Heart Gallery. She was drawn immediately to Lamaya’s bubbly personality caught on camera, and knew from that moment on Lamaya was meant to be her little girl. Read more >>

The Guzman Family

The Guzman Family

The Guzman family began their fostering journey eight years ago when their desire  to possibly adopt one child (preferably a girl) kept tugging at their hearts.  Omar and Dania were a very young couple (late 20’s) with two very young biological sons when they started this journey.  At the beginning, like many other new foster parents they only felt comfortable fostering children who were fairly young. Read More >>


The Petus Family

The Pettus Family

Adoption is something that has always been a part of Alicia Pettus’ life and thoughts - she and her sister were adopted by their stepfather when they were very young. While she was still a child Alicia promised God that one day she would grow up and adopt a child. Read more >>

The Solomon Family

The Solomon Family

A vivacious sibling group of seven was adopted on October 5, 2011 through Mental Health Resource Center (CMO) and its Community Based Care Lead Agency Family Support Services of North Florida. The children had been separated since May 2009.


The Barnhill Family

The Barnhill Family

Ashley was a regular visitor at the home of her best friend, Devon.  Devon’s parents, Jennifer and JonWesley even took care of Ashley a few weeks at a time when Ashley’s father was hospitalized.  As a single dad, Ashley’s father depended on their help to care for his teenage daughter when he could not. Read more >>

The Garvey Family

The Garvey Family

Steven was a charming, polite and laid-back 16-year-old young man, one of four brothers who were all living in separate homes. He had spent 6 years in foster care and was waiting for a forever family. He was then living in a group home and struggling with school and lack of motivation. He was referred by his case management agency to a mentoring program. That’s when he met Patrick Garvey. Read More >>


Kayes Family

The Kayes Family

Two siblings, 2-year-old Hannah and 4-year-old John, came into foster care in 2010. Luckily, the two were able to stay together while in foster care. Read More >>

Theresa's Family

The Rosenberg Family

Theresa's family the day they brought Seth home.

Our 15-year-old son Seth had been with us for about four months, but he was still living a life completely apart from the rest of our family. Read More >>

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