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Every day during the month of November, this page features unique "Amazing Children" in foster care who dream of being adopted by forever families.

Meet Chandra


Photo by: Nicole Redford

Chandra, 16, is an intelligent and well-spoken young lady that enjoys telling funny jokes to her friends. When asked to describe herself, some of the words she used were thoughtful, outgoing, and serious when it comes to her future, silly when playing practical jokes, easy going and laid back.

For fun, Chandra likes to play basketball and video games on Xbox. For a career, Chandra hopes to be a professional boxer or an emergency room nurse. Her favorite subject in school is Chemistry.

Chandra wishes for a forever family that will provide guidance and re-direction as she learns the ropes of life. With love and support from committed parents, Chandra has the potential and the willingness to flourish into a productive wonderful young lady!

Heart Gallery of Okeechobee & the Treasure Coast

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Meet Priciella


Photo by: Mia Paolini

Priciella is a feisty and determined little girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She enjoys riding her bike and scooter, watching the movie Frozen, playing with Barbies and all types of electronics. A family with behavioral management experience and patience is preferred. Also, it would be best for Priciella to be placed with a family that either does not have any children in the home or children older than Priciella in the home.

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach

Meet Serita


Photo by:
Kira Derryberry Photography

Serita is a lively child with a big heart and loving attitude. She is a child that will fill your life with love and affection. She loves to be held and talked to, and can sit in your lap for as long as you will let her. Her favorite activities include playing with Barbies and watching television. She loves to eat and has a big appetite for chicken nuggets. Serita needs a home that would be willing to support visits with her siblings, and will be able to love her no matter what.

Heart Gallery of North Florida

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