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photo of Mason

Age: 4

Child ID#: 105481140
Mason is a non-verbal male of Caucasian descent. He loves to play with his toys and be read to. Mason's favorite pass time is rocking in his favorite chair. After becoming familiar with individuals, Mason is able to recognize and exude friendly behaviors. Mason will benefit from a two parent home, with parents whom are loving, patient and flexible.
photo of Mason

Age: 3

Child ID#: 106258305
Mason is a playful child to familiar faces. He likes to watch TV and his favorite show is Little Einsteins. He is energetic and likes to interact with caregivers. He tries to play the keyboard and likes playing with trucks that make sound. He loves to eat chicken nuggets and fries. He loves getting hugs from his caregiver. He gets very excited when he is dressed up to go out. Mason requires constant medical care and he is non-verbal, but responds through facial gesturers. Mason is in need of a family that will provide him with additional support, love, and care. His family will need to be able to provide for all of his needs for his entire life.
photo of AMARI

Age: 3

Child ID#: 106770263
Amarai is an adorable toddler. He enjoys being held, listening to music and being read to. Amari has medical needs which will require life long care and attention.
photo of Bernard

Age: 3

Child ID#: 107022056
Say hi to Bernard! Bernard is a handsome little toddler that is in need of special treatments and therapies. He is a very resilient and lovable boy! He likes to play peek-a-boo. He does well with routine. He needs a family that is able to provide all his needs and be understanding of his conditions. Perhaps you could be that family that can help Bernard grow to meet his full potential and can provide an abundance of love, support, and patience.
photo of Elijah

Age: 2

Child ID#: 107510048
Elijah is a strong resilient young boy. He enjoys spenig time with his peers and building bonds. He has a bright smile that will light up any room. It is a joy to me him smile and giggle! He likes to play with his toys on his downtime. Elijah will thrive with a family that's patient and willing to love him unconditionally.
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Request Information online or by phone at the following:
In Florida: 1-800-96-ADOPT
Outside of Florida: 1-904-353-0679